train the trainer

the art of engagement


Learning organizations know how much competitive advantage relies on the diffusion and application of internal knowledge. To properly transfer information you cannot rely only on written documentation that nobody will read. A ‘live’ trainer is still the best way to ensure a proper knowledge transfer.


But people expect a lot when they go to a training, even when it is held internally in the organization, and a ‘run of the mill’ training puts people to sleep.


Our approach to trainer training is about preparing, inspiring and motivating the future trainers, giving them ready to use skills and tools and helping them create a fun and useful experience for the participants.


No matter what kind of training you do - sales, scientific information, IT skills, financial planning, commercial awareness, interpersonal skills, - you need to be well prepared and able to handle whatever happens in the training room. The ultimate goal is to help participants translate knowing into doing – transferring knowledge into practice. 



  • A well designed content engineered for an easy transfer
  • ƒƒBetter training materials from slides to handouts and whatever is needed to make it stick
  • ƒƒFull involvement of the participants during the training
  • ƒƒImpact, engagement, fun for a profitable experience 


  • ƒƒCreate content to meet targeted pedagogical objectives, participant expectations and needs
  • ƒƒLearn valuable ‘staging’ skills and techniques and practice them
  • ƒƒMaster the different ways of interacting with a group, even when the group is unreceptive, inactive or difficult
  • ƒƒAcquire the methods to urge participants to transfer learning into practice
  • ƒƒCreate the most relevant evaluation tools