stress management

to find our personal gravity center


The OMC has defined stress “global epidemic”. In Europe, is responsible for 50% - 60%of working days lost, and affect one employee every four. A survey of 800,000 American workers shows that the number of people who lost work days due to stress has tripled in the last 5 years.


The consumption of anti-anxiety drugs is increasing, working hours are increasing as well as the amount of information that we handle daily as long as risks and responsibilities. The new world moves at a speed much greater than our own and try to run after him does not lead to anything but discomfort and frustration. What to do to regain control? We must find the answers we need within ourselves because we can not rely on anything else. Through the help of ancient disciplines and modern tools we first can regain our inner center of gravity and having regained the control of ourselves we can re-set our life in a more healthy and functional way for the benefit of our prosperity and our performance.


  • ƒƒBecome aware of the effects of stress ƒƒ
  • Decrease the amount of stress to limit the damage
  • ƒƒReestablish control over your priorities
  • ƒƒUse the best tools to manage the mental and physical balance
  • ƒƒFinding your center for greater well being at work and private


  • ƒƒIdentify the main sources of stress both personal and professional
  • ƒƒStress intensity equation: a useful way to seize the problem
  • ƒƒHow to increase our resources
  • ƒƒHow to distinguish the irrational stake and
  • how to take control over it
  • ƒƒThe communication under stress: how to exit from the negative spiral
  • ƒƒSave, store and use energy in new ways