strategic selling

sail into complexity


Big modern organizations look often like entangling forests and getting in can be a tiring experience because of the high number of speaking partners you can find, the confusion of strategies and the threats generated by “hidden agendas”.


Ignoring complexity can lead to the loss of important business opportunities and

when we are facing a complex environment we need better and more sophisticated

instruments than the ones we use in simple one on one sales situations. We have to take

into account the different stakeholders with different goals and different strategies. We

need to understand the client’s decision-making process, map the main stakeholders, identify the triggers that will lead to action and be sure of who is an ally and who is a threat. Often we have to find out which is the real problem the client wants to solve. Therefore complex solution selling in a complex environment is a real consultative art. 


  • ƒƒDevelop a “sales consultancy” attitude
  • ƒƒUnderstand and integrate the strategic and political dimensions in the sales process
  • ƒƒStimulate the ability and willingness to go beyond the first customer request to find the real needs
  • ƒƒIdentify each player and manage their different goals and needs
  • ƒƒFocus on creating “added value” for the client


  • ƒƒUnderstanding the client’s environment – identifying the problem
  • ƒƒClarifying the position of each key player – making a proposal adapted to their different interests
  • ƒƒDemonstrating our difference – engaging the decision-makers
  • ƒƒDevelop our network taking into account the new media and web 2.0
  • ƒƒMaximize the chances of a positive conclusion – negotiating effectively
  • ƒƒDevelop a long lasting partnership