stop telling, start selling


Most salespeople think that selling is the same as presenting their product or service when meeting with clients. They prepare what to say, have a good knowledge of their products and are well-equipped with state of the art technical aids. The question is: is this enough to sell?


This training offers an effective step-by-step journey around the sales field dealing with

not only the skills but also the attitudes that can help to increase sales and profitability

through a better understanding of the entire sales process and the customers’

motivation as well. Every step of the sales action is trained - with specific adaptation

to the professional environment of each participant.

On top of that, participants learn about their current behavior during the sales visit. They understand that “telling is never selling” and that their ultimate objective is far beyond sales: they must act as a trusted and preferred partner. The training is highly interactive with many opportunities for role playing and gathering feedback on strengths as well as improvement areas. 


  • ƒƒIncrease sales effectiveness and profit ƒƒ
  • Develop a consultative selling attitude 
  • Better self-awareness
  • ƒƒTurn “techniques” into daily routine


  • ƒƒDiscover the key selling habits such as asking insightful questions and listening skills
  • ƒƒFind ways to turn personal client relationships into selling relationships
  • ƒƒLearn how to make effective cold calls and to overcome barriers
  • ƒƒEstablish simple ways to make winning sales presentations and to speak in terms of benefits
  • ƒƒLearn how to deal confidently with objections and close the deal
  • ƒƒUncover simple tools for opening, advancing and closing sales calls