Project management

forget to design and prepare to fail  


Complexity of projects is becoming more and more a critical factor inside organizations. This solution has been designed for those who are responsible for managing projects and coordinating teamwork even with indirect or temporary authority. 


Project management is based on 2 dimensions: science (defining and coordinating projects that will be implemented) and art (managing people and changes involved in the process).
Managing people is very often the critical factor in project management. Apart from all the tools and techniques, the success of complex project management lies in how all people involved in the project relate to each other, always keeping a clear and common vision of the project itself.

Therefore we will constantly focus on the development of 2 skills: designing projects and managing teamwork, both fundamental to reach success in project management. 


  • ƒƒMore efficiency in managing projects by implementing simple tools and behaviors
  • ƒƒA common shared language within the organization
  • ƒƒRespect of the deadlines due to a clear and shared project strategy
  • ƒƒIncrease of team spirit within your organization



  • ƒTo master the main tools of international project management
  • ƒƒTo coordinate and motivate people involved in the project
  • ƒƒTo design all the different aspects of the project
  • ƒƒTo properly manage individual or group resistance of difficulties during the project
  • ƒƒTo improve communication in assigning precise tasks and monitoring the development of the project