Powerful Presentation

art of influencing


Do you dread speaking in public or giving presentations? Do you think that presentation is about telling what is written? Do you have problem to get your messages across to mobilize your audience?


This course aims to develop presentation techniques and behaviours, knowledge and

confidence in both formal and informal presentation situations. The participants have

the opportunity to explore and practise key areas in both preparation and delivery of presentations. They understand that the content is not necessarily enough to turn the

audience from the “listening” phase to the “acting” phase.

Due to the restricted group sizes, all participants gain high level of attention and receie

personalized feedback.


This course is aimed at anyone who needs deep introduction to presentation skills, or for those who would benefit from a refresher on the key skills. 



  • ƒƒLearn and apply the basic theory of delivering effective presentations
  • ƒƒDevelop confidence and overcome nerves
  • ƒƒBuild up own presentation style


  • ƒƒPlan, structure and deliver an effective presentations
  • ƒƒReach the maximum impact on the audience
  • ƒƒControl stage fright, keep calm and confident
  • ƒƒUnderstand the impact of body language and voice
  • ƒƒSelect and use the a range of visual aids to support during presentation
  • ƒƒUnderstand techniques for gaining and keeping the attention of your audience