skills and strategy


We negotiate every day and most people do not even realize it is happening. Negotiation and handling objections tend to be an emotional process rather than a rational one. Culture and personality type have a major impact on how we negotiate and influence each other.


We often simplify negotiation and assume it involves a few skills, yet all communication

is in a sense a negotiation. Recent research has outlined the complexity of our communication, for example “Priming” where a supposed saving is outlined which in turn makes the “buyer” more likely to purchase.


This programme can be adapted for managers, salespeople, buyers, in fact anyone who negotiates. We provide practical tools to help you be more aware of how you negotiate, maximize every negotiation and realize when to step back and make a concession.


Techniques, tactics and behavioural models will be outlined to assist in de-mystifying the negotiation process from an emotional and rational perspective. 



  • Buildong trust when negotiating ƒƒ
  • Identifying your own likely negotiation “blind spots”
  • ƒƒIncrease profits or save money depending on your role
  • ƒƒTurn “techniques” into negotiating attitudes


  • Full awareness of the importance of preparation
  • ƒƒIdentify your personal strong points and pitfalls when negotiating
  • ƒƒCreate awareness of the techniques to successfully negotiate
  • ƒƒEquip participants with specific negotiation tools and knowledge