Matrix management

leading without hierarchical power


“The matrix organization”, which some believe to be a contradictNion-fiunctioenraml s, was applied for the first time companies in the 1960s. After a period of unpopularity in the 1990s, the matrix is now considered a feature of modern societies.


Matrix organized companies are in fact now more numerous than the old-fashioned pyramid companies. Living within this type of organizations can be very motivating but also very complex. Carrying out projects or simply our own objectives involves the collaboration of colleagues or business partners over whom we have no direct hierarchical authority and who, in turn, have specific objectives which could differ from ours. In this training we will work on some of the most common challenges in this type of organization: how to manage virtual teams, how to resolve conflicts, how to persuade and motivate others to work for our project, how to maximize the strength of the team.



  • ƒƒGenerate awareness of the skills necessary to live in a matrix environment
  • ƒƒStimulate the ability of putting the members of an internal network into action
  • ƒƒUnderstand the role of personal responsibility in making things work
  • ƒƒImprove our communication skills at any level
  • ƒƒDevelop a cooperative work style based on consensus
  • ƒƒFocus on teamwork



  • Motivate others to help you without hierarchy
  • ƒƒCommunicate effectively at all organizational levels
  • ƒƒSet goals and gain the support of all those involved in order to achieve them
  • ƒƒResolve conflicts and difficult situations ƒƒManage and monitor the work of temporary teams
  • ƒƒSolve and supervise without the intervention of a superior
  • ƒƒNegotiate effectively with your internal customers
  • ƒƒInfluence your environment at 360 °