to keys for motivation


Worldwide surveys are pointing the finger towards the modern managers which are constantly disattending collaborators expectations and are not able to deal with the fast and impacting changes typical of our times.


How is it possible? There are different reasons but one can be found in the fact that managers are created from people with proven “technical” experiences. Those kind

of experiences are valuable but unfortunately are not related to the ability of dealing with managing people. To be a successful manager you have first of all to get out from the trap of hyper operativity, learn how to deal and control oneself and then start reasoning in social and motivational terms. A trip in a management training is fascinating because the first source of learning is represented by ourselves. 



  • ƒƒBetter handling ourselves to better deal with others
  • ƒƒCreate the conditions for motivation ƒƒ
  • Take responsibility in taking and communicating a difficult decisions
  • ƒƒKeep corporate culture alive through exemplary behavior
  • ƒƒManage and motivate others on a daily basis
  • ƒƒCreate a positive atmosphere within the team and the organization


  • ƒƒRecognize different team maturity stages and handling them accordingly
  • ƒƒMotivate people in relation to their experience and expectations
  • ƒƒManage meeting effectively 
  • ƒƒResolve conflicts and difficult situation 
  • ƒƒGive and stimulate feedback ƒƒ
  • Communicate difficult decisions