Effective recruitment

Instinct is not enough


For sure you can teach a cow how to swim, but why not recruit a dolphin? It is not only a matter of ability. It is very likely that a dolphin loves water more than a cow ever will. 


The recruiting process does not involve only identifying who, amongst the candidates, has got the required skills, but it also means understand and verifying that the position inside the organization has the characteristics to satisfy the candidate.
Failing in this goal may cause relevant damages to companies, in terms of economic resources and time invested as well as in terms of reputation.

Acting in line with corporate values and principles, this solution has the scope to supply all the main tools to manage the whole recruiting process, starting with the job definition required. 


  • ƒƒAttract the best talents for the organization
  • ƒƒTo proper insert candidates inside your company
  • ƒƒGet ready for career plan



  • To master interpersonal communication 
  • ƒƒKnowing how to shape the profile to look for and the skills required
  • ƒƒHow to prepare and lead an interview
  • ƒƒHow to collect all the relevant information during the interview
  • ƒƒIdentify talents and personal development plan