Creative Problem solving

resolve, innovate, act


Tomorrow’s world will be increasingly dominated by complexity and change. What are the most important resources to deal with this scenario? Creativity, imagination and ability to solve problems.


Problem solving is a tool, a skill and a process. A tool because it can help solve a problem. A skill that, once learned, can be used continuously, like the ability to ride a bike. It is also a process because it involves using a series of steps. Even before solving a problem it is necessary to be able to identify it and sometimes even create it. The ability to think outside the box is just as important as structuring the information in a rigorous way. The last step is critical: the ability to choose among alternatives and take action with determination and responsibility. 


  • ƒƒGenerate awareness of the mental mechanisms that can facilitate the process of solving problems and those that block our minds
  • ƒƒDiscovering new methods to find pragmatic solutions both individually and in groups
  • ƒƒHaving a more open approach to solving any problem
  • ƒƒDevelop a positive and proactive attitude 
  • ƒƒCreate innovation and continuous improvement
  • ƒƒBe generators of innovation


  • ƒƒReview your concept of “problem” in a different light
  • ƒƒThe 6 steps in approaching problem solving
  • ƒƒThe basic tools for the analysis of the situation
  • ƒƒUnleash creative thinking to generate new solutions
  • ƒƒRationalize the alternatives we have identified
  • ƒƒChoose wisely and courageously
  • ƒƒAvoid the pitfalls of predictable irrationality