Connective leadership

making change normal


Leaders are facing a complex challenge, the need to connect and integrate two important yet conflicting forces: Diversity and interdependence, reflecting on the constant tension between the self and others.


Old style leadership based on traditional business models and structures no longer work, a new model is required to define our current times. Making change normal

means taking and releasing initiative, driving and motivating others. It is about letting go of the control freak within you, applying this model allows you to strengthen your influence on the outer world without distracting from the quality of the inner world.

The connective leader combines their vision and that of the organizations with dreams of others, this has the impact of creating harmony amongst disparate groups, co- operation becomes the norm. 


  • ƒƒAvoiding risks of outdated business models
  • ƒƒDevelop a feeling of calm and confidence in crisis situations
  • ƒƒEnsure your organization lives as a disciplined entrepreneurial culture
  • ƒƒBecome the emotionally intelligent leader


  • ƒƒFull awareness of the importance of a shared vision and mission
  • ƒƒIdentify the main dilemmas that can be overcome as a leader
  • ƒƒCreate an atmosphere of cooperation
  • ƒƒTo equip the leader with the ability to inspire motivation