Coaching fundamentals

motivate and inspire 


Performance, motivation, ability and circumstances; how do they all combine and integrate? Coaching, often the poor relation to “management”, is sometimes underrated and even forgotten. 


Research has outlined that coaching is the missing element in business success. When part of an organization’s culture, it has a direct impact on business and the motivation of team members.


The difference between Managing and Coaching is critical, we now know that only 14% of the work force are motivated by money, so it is vital to know the motivation of an individual, to also accurately assess skill level, then the appropriate coaching method will be more successful, notably if the circumstances and working conditions lead to the ultimate goal of consistent great performance levels.


Techniques and coaching models will be outlined to assist in de-mystifying the coaching process and making it a natural part of your repertoire. 


  • Create confidence and inspire motivation when coaching
  • Identifying your own likely coaching “blind spots”
  • Calculate the performance = motivation + ability & circumstances equation
  • Turn “techniques” into coaching attitudes



  • Full awareness of the importance of motivation, ability and circumstances
  • ƒƒIdentify your personal strong points and pitfalls when coachingƒƒ
  • Create awareness of the models to successfully coach
  • Equip participants with specific coaching tools and knowledge