Client satisfaction

The service makes the difference


In times when the supply is multiplied and the products are standardized,
as we can make a difference? Service quality is an important element of
differentiation that depends solely on us.


How important is customer satisfaction? A lot. But what would happen if our customers

were so happy to tell about us to other people and then become our sponsor? The

advantages which would certainly get, from time to saving to image, will be great.

This training is therefore dedicated to all those who are in direct contact with both

external and internal customers with the goal to create and consolidate the conditions

for generating the maximum satisfaction. Participants will also receive the tools to

recognize first and then interact with the different types of players, even in difficult

situations. Each client is unique, and as such should be treated.


  • ƒƒHaving a full understanding of how our behavior impacts on our customers
  • ƒƒLearning to understand the needs of customers, even the most hidden and difficult to identify
  • ƒƒRelate the different types and able to adapt their style
  • ƒƒManaging the emotions of customers, keeping their balance
  • ƒƒStrengthening partnerships and continuously monitoring the relationship



  •  Awareness of the importance of the customer service for a company
  • ƒƒ The basis of communication
  • ƒƒ State of the art telephone skills
  • ƒƒ How to negotiate properly with our internal/external customer
  • ƒƒ How to handle complaints in an elegant way
  • ƒƒ Verbal aikido for handling objections and attacks
  • ƒƒ How to walk the extra mile and give real value