Executive Education

Our Approach

Our faculty comes from leading global business schools and unversities including Stanford University (US), Harvard Business School (US), IESE Business School (Spain). We adopt a unique combination of pedagogical tools that is centered around the case-method of learning complemented by simulations, use of multimedia, and hands-on workshops in small groups.


The Case-Method of Learning

Case studies are the central element of contemporary management education. They are used by the leading business schools around the world in MBA programs and for other forms of executive education. Case studies are stories about business situations that reveal how managers in the real world deal with the challenges they face. Case studies thus help participants both to develop and to apply the principles of good management theory. This is achieved through individual case preparation by participants and through very lively and dynamic joint case discussions and analyses in the classroom. Case studies also provide rich information about the political, cultural, social and economic aspects of various geographies and the competitive dynamics of the featured industries. Good cases and good case teachers put pressure on participants – like in real life – because they enable participants to dive deep into the situation and “feel” the management dilemma that the case focuses on.


Topics and Approach

Croissance Conseil faculty will engage you in a deep conversation about your particular learning needs and challenges. We design modules according to the target group, e.g. junior managers or high potentials; according to your particular situational challenges, e.g. post merger or nurturing corporate entrepreneurship and innovation; and according to your time constraints and geographical preferences.

Our topics include

  • introductory and advanced competitive and corporate strategy

  • strategy execution: getting things done in organizations

  • innovation and entrepreneurship in organizations

  • sustainable develoment: challenges and opportunities for companies

  • social entrepreneuship and strategic philanthropy