People & Performance Consulting helps companies improving people & performance. We close the gap that companies experience in developing both the organization and its people, towards the performance improvement.

We define us “implementation consultants”, since we accompany organizations and people in moving from Vision to Action, from Plans to excellent Execution.

We focus on Commercial Excellence: Sales Effectiveness, Marketing integration and Effective Management.

The benefits that our client experience include:

  • Organization aligned to Strategy

  • Processes, Methods and specialised Tools developed and activated on people

  • Required Competencies identified and planned for development

  • Change activated and effectively managed


We apply a “holistic and pragmatic Consulting approach”, as result of the long-run experience by our consultants, who are strong expert in organization & people development in the Commercial Excellence field. For 15+ years they have been Consultants, business Managers, Human Capital developers.

We leverages the integration with P&P Training and Coaching: in the field of People and Culture development we co-design plans on competency and behavior change.

Our distinctive approach enable to implement the Strategy into Action, along with the effective Change management

We integrate consulting activities in:

  • strategy activation

  • process, methods and specialised tools development

  • people responsibilities and competencies alignment

  • action plans implementation