Coaching methodology

Its purpose ‐ to simultaneously boost personal performance and personal growth.

A P&P coachee will embark upon an ‘effective’ relationship with a sparring partner who will diligently, stimulate, support and challenge. Always in the most positive spirit, combining honest toughness with true compassion in the most pragmatic way.

The priority, to optimise and deepen the relationship which the individual has with him or herself and so with his or her environment. Whether the task in hand is maintenance, evolution, or revolution, the journey is guaranteed to be an inspiring one.

Independent of any single school of thought, P&P’s pragmatic, impact‐focussed coaching is rooted in the ‘dna’ of the executive coach. His or her craft is further nourished by exposure to complementary schools of thought, such as provocative therapy and radical constructivism. Such schools can and will be drawn on as particular situations demand.



Personalised accompaniment over time, based on co‐defined objectives. 6/8 times 2 hour sessions over a 6/8 month period. These interim sessions, once per 3/4 weeks, allow the client to implement a personal action plan and fully integrate new practices.

The client will discover, understand and change of behaviour.

The coach is during the agreed period on request available by e‐ mail and phone for urgent maters and in‐between coaching.


 Mastery of the competencies demanded by a current or future role 

  • Improved personal effectiveness, resilience, stamina and stress management
  •  Improved decision‐making ability 
  •  Ability to solve a specific problem or conflict 
  •  Successful Business development through strategic involvement 


Coaching interventions

The starting point is the confirmation where you are already good at. This confidence is the basis for what you want to see improvement by yourself.

This coaching allows you to see the effect of your behavior and communication in judging others and your relational skills levels to improve.
The approach is phased over time, aimed at practising. You learn almost exclusively by your own experiences.



Thorough Approach

Our approach to quality :

Theory : Continuous professionnal development by master classes

Practice : « The more I practice, the better I get », working with clients every day

Independent supervision : Acting with the highest level of integrity

Accreditation : EMCC ICF WABC

Client satisfaction : Rolling survey of client satisfaction



Applying the “P&P Learning” during the coaching track

  •  Using faith, vision Man learns best when the challenge is large, the stress is not too high (and not too low!), and if he/she is curious 
  •  Actively apply Client should continue to actively work with the lessons learned , otherwise it sinks not learned. Practice and repetition ones art 
  •  Creation rather than consumption Have clients discover, share experiences, ensure that clients create meaning and value rather than just consuming 
  •  Make learning outcome and contextual oriented And that outcome as far as possible on his or her own work contextual 
  •  Build on existing  What happens if "new"information is not consistent with knowledge, experience and atitude that a person already had? Usually the former is stronger and more difficult to (re) learned. To investigate differences and make them explicit, can solve the resistance between the old and new information.