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Marco Ceretti




Italian, English, Spanish



A few words about Marco Ceretti


Marco has a profile of senior consultant enriched with a strong experience as company senior manager. He has 15 years of experience in Organization and People development, with specialty in Sales & Marketing effectiveness.

Since 2010 Marco is an entrepreneur, creating the Management Consulting practice of an Italian company specialized in distinctive solutions for the sustainable effectiveness of organization and people. His practice provides consulting, training and coaching services, implementing effective processes and methods and developing soft and hard competencies, with an innovative and integrated approach. Consulting client projects include Philip Morris and Perfetti Van Melle in consumer goods, E.ON in Energy, BNP Paribas-Cardif in Banking-Insurance.



Marco has a deep experience, developed in 10+ years of consultancy enriched by years as company senior manager, in the following domains: 

Organization Design and Development, Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, People Development on hard topics (competencies, methods and tools), Sales & Marketing Integration, CRM strategy and activation. 


Previous experience

After his experience in Spain, Marco joined Accenture in the Strategy team. 

In his 10+ years, reaching the Senior Manager position, he specialised in Organization development and in Sales & Marketing effectiveness.

In Accenture, Marco worked for multinational leading companies in Italy, EU, Russia and Eastern Countries, in different industries (automotive, industrial equipment, consumer packaged goods). Experiences include Mars, Nestlé, Barilla, Fiat Auto, BMW, Philip Morris, Cadbury.

In 2007 Marco joined Johnson & Johnson, where he was head of the Sales Effectiveness in the Medical division, and member of the Board of Directors.
His responsibilities have spanned from sales network design, sales processes and tools effectiveness, people development and incentives management.

In 2010 he started Otherwise Consulting in Italy, and brings 15 years of business consulting and people development expertise.



Marco supports organizations in designing and implementing the change “towards and with” its people. The objective is to activate people to change, through the development in the organization (roles, processes, methods and tools) matched with the necessary people competency development. 

To get energised, Marco loves skiing, biking and endurance motor-riding.