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Laszlo Kaczur




Hungarian, English



A few words about Laszlo Kaczur


Specialist in management, sales, sales development and HR development. He has 22 years of experience in multinational environment in Central and Western Europe, Middle and Far East including 15 years experience in training and development.



Laszlo spent most of his career in multinational companies where he held positions in sales, sales development, training and organizational development.


He has a solid background in training from strategy development through working out seminar methodologies to conduction of classroom as well as field training and coaching. He holds a Professional Diploma in Management and has SHL and Hudson qualifications for developing and implementing Assessment/Development Centers.


In the past 10 years he’s worked as consultant/trainer.


Previous experience

László started his career as a sales executive at Shipyard and Crane Factory. Then by changing business field he worked as sales representative distributing high-quality FMCG goods such as: Cadbury, Aquafresh, Ribena, Heinz, Tampax, Barilla and Ballantines. After that, in his 10 year-career at Philip Morris (Marlboro, L&M, Multifilter) first he worked as a merchandiser. After this job function he held various positions such as Sales Supervisor and Regional and National Sales Training Manager.


In his last position in leading HR Development Sales/Marketing of Philip Morris he was responsible for continuously assessing and developing 160 employees. He implemented successfully an assessment based talent development program linked with recruitment, training and long-term HR development to contribute to the overall company business strategy.


He gained experience in Central Europe and Middle and Far East (Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel and Palestine, Thailand).



Due to his heavy experience from bottom to top positions Laszlo is able to navigate easily from micro to macro while working with different levels of organizations. His objective is always to bring real practical solutions to clients instead of concentrating on theories only.