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Francesco de Tommasi
trainer coach




Italian, English



A few words about Francesco de Tommasi


Francesco joined a European training company in 1999 and has been a successful behavioural trainer ever since. 


He started his own company in 2009 and brings 11 years of training experience.



Francesco specialized in distinctive solutions for sustainable effectiveness of people and organizations. Training, Consulting and Coaching, focused on developing soft and hard competencies with an innovative and integrated approach. 


Previous experience

His responsibilities in his previous job consisted of selling and delivering services coaching and training in management, sales, team building and negotiation. Amongst these programs, Francesco was a regular trainer for your programs.


With Otherwise, Francesco and his co-partners have developed many partnerships with leading companies. 



Francesco is able to create a positive and great atmosphere within the group of training people. He will lead your group to a high level of impact to get the most out of your content. 


Francesco is a renowned senior coach and behavioural trainer and is often sort after by our multinational customers to deliver intercultural groups mixing managers from various countries.