Chris Pankow



English, Spanish


USA, Latin America

A few words about Chris Pankow


Chris has been in the training business since 2003, when he joined the US office of a leading European training firm.

Since that, he’s been involved in projects for the Fortune 500 companies in Leadership, Management and Sales training programs.



His experience has been in training, developing, designing and selling customized training and coaching programs for clients in the United States and Latin America.  He has a sharp experience of your Sales Academy programs and received great feedback for his deliveries in Latin America and Middle East.


Previous experience

Chris has a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He majored in International Relations with a minor in Spanish. While in school, he studied overseas in Madrid, Spain and interned at the Carter Presidential Center in Middle Eastern Affairs. 


After college, Chris worked in the field of International Transportation for 10 years with emphasis on Ocean Import/Export. In 2003, he joined the US office of a leading European training firm to develop into a well-balanced trainer and coach. 


He has been successful in delivering sales excellence programs in the pharma industry.



Chris is a well-disciplined and well-prepared trainer with a great sense of humor to motivate his participants into action.