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Rocio de Benito Navarro




Spanish, English



A few words about Rocio de Benito Navarro


Rocio became a trainer for a European training company in 2000. She developed her skills as a consultant and a trainer and founded her own company in 2004, where she continued to develop her trainer’s skills. 


She’s been in the training industry for 10 years now and is a successful entrepreneur.



Rocio specialized in developing personal and organizational talent, as well as developing corporate culture in companies throughout Europe. 


During her training she commits herself to the result of change in attitude and behaviour. Her fields of expertise: training, coaching in Leadership & Management, Effective Presentations, Sales Skills, Negotiation, Time Management, Effective Meetings, Change Management and Communication.


Previous experience

Rocio graduated in 1992 at Madrid University with a Law degree. After eight years of working in an insurance firm, she continued working in a broker firm, gaining sales and management experience. In 2000 she joined a European training company, to become a trainer and a consultant.



Rocio is a very likeable person on and off the job.  She is always keen to make you learn about yourself!