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Alastair McIvor






United Kingdom

A few words about Alastair McIvor


Alastair has been a trainer since 1991 and in 1998 he joined a European training company. He started his own company in 2008, bringing 19 years of experience in the training business.



Alastair’s experienced in global management development and sales development projects with delivery experience throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, with a focus now on the UK and Europe, moving from know how to "show how".  Alastair’s specialized in: Sales and Management training with cross-cultural groups with a global delivery capacity in local languages.


Previous experience

Alastair worked two years in partnership with THE (IT) world leader on network solutions and trained over 400 top-managers. This program got a National training award in 2006. During his career, Alastair has trained and coached more than 4,000 people globally, in Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa & Europe, in many sectors of industry. Furthermore, he was responsible for running ‘train the trainer’ programs to all new recruits.


Since the creation of Merck Serono Sales Academy, Alastair has been one of the lead trainers for these programs.



Key words about Alastair: result orientation, willingness to go further where others tend to stop, fun, a global player, a guy who easily makes friends amongst colleagues and customers.