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Giulio Di Santo
trainer coach




Italian, English



A few words about Giulio Di Santo


Giulio joined a European training company in 1999 and has been a successful behavioural trainer and coach ever since. Before that, he was a Product Manager and Commercial Support in Pension Fund and Group Life Products in Fondiaria Sai Insurance Company.


He started his own company in 2009 and brings 14 years of training experience.



Giulio specialized in distinctive solutions for sustainable effectiveness of people and organizations. Training, Consulting and Coaching, focused on developing soft and hard competencies with an innovative and integrated approach. 


Previous experience

His responsibilities in his previous job consisted of selling and delivering services coaching and training in leadership, management, sales, and negotiation. He has led many training and coaching programmes in different industries, mainly in the pharma sector. 


With Otherwise, Giulio and his co-partners have developed many partnerships with leading companies. 



Giulio has the ability to create a positive atmosphere and, at the same time, to be very confronting and demanding. He has great flexibility to adapt to the need of the group. This characteristic made him a major coach.


Giulio has matured with his international experience in terms of leading international groups made-up of mixed manager and salespeople